My Incredible Edible Science Cell


In science we are doing a project on cells. We had some choices on the projects we are doing. I picked the incredible edible cell. The incredible edible cell is where you make a plant or animal cell but you have to make it edible to the birds or to your self. I am doing the animal cell because it is so cool and disgusting. It is so cool. The reason I am putting this on my blog is because are science teacher Mrs.Huysman talked to are language arts teacher Mr.McGuire and he said we should put this on are blog.

I’m going to make something disgusting for the birds. It is going to be great. I am going to put disgusting things in my project it is going to be so cool. My step mom is going to help me get the materials.

Here is a list of the cell parts and how they function.

Nucleus: Controls all activity of the cell.

Ribosomes: Ribosomes make proteins for the cell.

Vacuole: Vacuoles store water and waste.

Mitochondria: The Mitochondria releases the energy stored in food. It is also called the power house of the cell

Cell Membrane: The cell membrane holds parts of the cell together.

Cytoplasm: The cytoplasm fills most of the cell outside the nucleus. Also organelles float in the cytoplasm.

Endoplasmic reticulum: The endoplasmic reticulum moves material in and out of the cell.

More about cells

1. Some cells are so small you can’t see them with out magnification.

2. Scientists have estimated 95% of the cells in a human are bacteria. Mostly in the digestive cells.

3. Cells range in size of about 1 to 100 micrometers.

Facts about human and other cells

1. Cancer cells form 10 to 30 years before you know.

2. More than 100 trillion cells make up the human body cell.

3. Each cell is made out of genes.

My cell is going to be made out of a cookie. The reason I’m using cookie is because it has a flat base and is easy to put things in it. We also did this in fourth grade and it was fun. . Which I think is a great idea. I am working really hard on this project and I hope I get an A.

I hope my cell turns out good. I am also going to use more stuff on my cell. My object is to make it look the most disgusting. It should be great.


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